This is an area that every person that tries to better them self, neglects and can always improve.  It can be confusing but try to stick with me on this and you will catch on quick!

It is very important to understand that when undergoing the process to improve our body, our mind or any other quality, our subconscious mind does not like it. What is the “subconscious?” This is what runs behavioural patterns for us on auto pilot, the patterns that we have been repeating for a very long time. If all of a sudden we start exercising, we are suddenly running a new pattern -We are moving away from homoeostasis (the normal state) and the subconscious does not like that.

Our mind and body respond with erratic breathing, wobbling head, groans and internal negative self-talk etc.

Consciously now, we need to not allow these sign to happen. Why do you ask? The reason is simple, these are the actions of the subconscious mind telling you – you are fatigued.

Consciously now… And you will need to focus on this – don’t allow these signs to occur and you will then be telling your body subconsciously that you are not so tired after all. This allows you to push harder and get better results immediately!

The mental game is a huge part of training and has fringe benefits that are often forgotten. Yes we know that with each session our muscles get stronger, our bones get tougher etc but you also become mentally hardened. The tougher you become mentally the more you can push your body through. The best part … This doesn’t just apply to physical training. It makes you tougher in your work environment, more resilient in your relationships and more capable as an individual to cope when the going gets tough.

This is how you get results in anything. Never giving up. Always moving forward no matter how tough things become and finding a solution.

Your brain is the most powerful part of your body, you need to use it to your advantage in you training and you will witness some amazing results!

During the hard parts of training, the parts you hate, you must tell yourself consciously ” you love it.” Break the habits of your subconscious mind and you break through the barriers of your physical limitations.

I often tell my clients the secret to pushing through squats is this. You know your mind quits before your body needs to. Don’t focus on the hard part of the squat(pushing up). Focus on going down to the perfect depth and your body will take care of the rest!

Try this trick out in your training and it will prove to you how you can manipulate the mind to get better results.

Keep pushing your limits and be proud of yourself!