We believe physical and mental health are the most important and valuable assets a person has. We just don’t realise it till something goes wrong!
Pro Train Fitness and its Members have incredibly high personal standards and believe cheap is expensive in the long run. We don’t cut corners and we focus on small improvements every day to ensure a powerful result for our future.

Personal Development and Daily Self Improvement are part of our Culture at Pro Train Fitness. We know the human body is a Powerful, Energetic and Pain free system when it is in balance. Unfortunately, the lives we live day to day throw this amazing machine out of balance.

Pro Train Fitness 7 Step Process

At Pro Train Fitness we analyse each client, recognise where they are out of balance
and create a program to return that body back to balance following our unique process.


“I want to share my passion for Fitness Training and the human body with my clients, for them to feel the incredible mental and physical benefits that comes from correct training. 

My friends and family were predominantly Corporate professionals and I noticed the overwhelming and consistent consequences of this demanding lifestyle – high stress, long working hours in a seated position, with drinks and food on the fly take a toll on the body. That knowledge and the frustration I have with an industry known for cutting corners and prioritising Athletes, inspired me to create a Studio where the Clients’ safety was Paramount. 

I have a CLEAR MISSION: specialise in training business professionals and correcting the mobility issues, flexibility imbalances, weight gain, muscle loss and pain caused by a demanding corporate lifestyle.”

– Cameron Smith


Start training with Pro Train Fitness today!

Don’t let that overwhelming feeling get the better of you when it comes to the thought of exercise. All our members were just like you and with our support they changed their outlook on fitness and changed their body and mind for the better.