The health and fitness industry is one of my biggest loves. Through it, I have met some of the most amazing people that walk the face of the planet and I am blessed for that.

Like all industries, there are some that work within it that tarnish its good name and damage its reputation. So is it really worth employing a trainer?

The answer is a resounding yes…. IF YOU GET THE RIGHT ONE!

So what should you be looking for?

Trainers that constantly try to improve and tailor your programs are a great start. Generic programming is an early warning sign of a lazy trainer. It is very important for a trainer to track your progress, measure your results and keep shocking your body.

If your trainer contacts you outside the hours of your sessions to see how you are, to check on your progress or just to say hi, it means you are important to them. It means they are thinking about you and want to get the best for you. The trainer’s ability to help motivate you is a very big part of their job. If you are struggling with consistency ask for their help, if you don’t receive more contact and more of a “push” you need to find a new trainer.

Speak to other people that use your potential trainer. If you receive glowing reports about their efforts, their character and their results, it is probably a great investment.

Always ask questions, if your trainer can answer them immediately or knows someone who can give you the answer – this is a great start! The more industry contacts they have the better for you. Your trainer can’t have the answer to every question, but they can have the tools to get you the answer very quickly if they have a strong industry network and know where to look.

When I am asked what value I bring to my clients my answer is simple. I go to bed thinking about how I can improve my clients’ results and I wake up thinking about the same thing. My clients pay me to use my knowledge and experience to ensure the effort they put in is used in the most efficient ways possible. To achieve their desired results quickly and for them to have fun during the process.

This is a trainers Job. If they are great at their job – they are worth the Investment!

Get a great trainer, they are out there and you will see better and faster results than you could ever hope to get by yourself. This is their profession. If they love their job they will be good at it and they will have so much knowledge that they can pass on to you to help you get where you want to be.


Keep pushing the limits and be proud of yourself!