“My goal of losing 6kg for my wedding was smashed out of the park in a matter of weeks. I lost 10kg for my big day!” *


“I have learned to love working out now. I go to Pro Train every morning and I never thought I would be that person.” *


“Cam and Tracey are amazing trainers. Their support has kept me going from day one and my results speak for themselves.” *



“I’m not even half way through our Pro Train Health Camp but I feel amazing. I’m the fittest I have been in 15 years and I feel stronger than I ever have.
Most importantly to me though, is that I feel so much younger and I am shredding weight: I’ve lost my belly & thighs are next!

This has been, without a doubt, the biggest life-changing event of my life. Thank you Cam and the Pro Train Fitness Team” *
– Bec Foley

I have been training with Pro Train for 8 weeks now and although I have played competitive sports for most of my life, I have never been so challenged (physically and sometimes mentally) as I have with Pro Train.

After 8 weeks the results are quite noticeable PHYSICALLY. Additionally, Pro Train has also helped my chronic lower back problems as a result of my abdominal and back muscles gaining further strength.

I am excited to see more results and progress in the coming months.” *
– David Hernandez

“Training with Cam both individually and part of the Pro Train Boot Camp is physically tough, mentally challenging and overall incredibly rewarding. I’ve lost approximately 6kg of body fat and over 30cm all over. I have done this in less than 6 weeks whilst building strength and muscle tone. Participating in the Pro Train Boot Camp has given me more confidence and extra energy during the working day. The extra energy I have now keeps me motivated to continue training and achieve my goals.” *
– Charbel Fahd

“Cam is one of those personal trainers who gets it right. He studies your measurements and body type and matches you to a personalised program that gets results. I lost 4 cm on my hips in just 7 weeks, my metabolism and strength have increased and the amount of energy I have is incredible!

He is a terrific motivator and assists me to reach my personal goals in body image and health. I highly recommend Cam and Pro Train Fitness for your health journey.” *
– Kari-Lynn Sobbel


Don’t let that overwhelming feeling get the better of you when it comes to the thought of exercise. All our members were just like you and with our support they changed their outlook on fitness and changed their body and mind for the better.