At PTF we have a CLEAR MISSION. We specialise in training business professionals and correcting the mobility issues, weight gain, muscle loss and pain caused by a demanding corporate lifestyle.  At PTF we monitor our clients’ stress levels, fatigue, mental and physical health to ensure the training demands match our clients’ needs.

We don’t want you to JUST Burn Calories. We Focus on Correcting your bodies mobility restrictions and flexibility imbalances. PTF has a proven and methodical approach to returning your body to its Fully Mobile, Pain free, energetic state. We do this through individual programming and screening processes.

This is not a Cookie- Cutter one size fits all Facility. We don’t cut corners when it comes to Your Health. Your body Needs particular attention to fix its SPECIFIC issues and at PTF you receive this Specific Attention.


PTF members are hardworking, driven, successful people who have high personal standards. They have decided to prioritise their health, often times at the expense of weekly leisure activities in order to get the most out of their body. They want the help and guidance of a Personal Trainer Members generally work long hours and seated or standing work stations and often have a long injury history or unresolved niggling aches & pains. Our members often travel from a great distance but most live or work in the Eastern suburbs.

This is a fundamental difference with PTF. We don’t over train our clients as this leads to overuse injuries – Particularly with office professionals working long hours. Our approach follows the principles of training elite athletes where INJURY Prevention is Paramount! 

We focus on different muscle groups each day and ensure the body is worked Hard once per week. We only offer Unlimited classes to advanced clients who have progressed through the PTF process adequately and have a full understanding of their body, goals and perfect technique.

Like everything in life, you get what you pay for. Detail is everything when it comes to your Health. Check out a detailed description of your First Week at Pro Train hereMembers appreciate the benefits of a private gym and want the individual attention of a Personal Trainer. Our Unique approach allows us to offer a comprehensive Training Package that cannot be done anywhere else in Sydney.

One Complimentary session is offered to Customers wanting to experience the PTF Experience. BOOK Here!

A Movement Screening is widely used in Professional Sports with Elite Athletes with the sole purpose of INJURY PREVENTION.

It is a comprehensive assessment of how your body moves when attempting a series of Fundamental Movement patterns. At PTF we believe Your body, is just as Important and valuable as an Elite Athletes’. As a result, we put this extra effort in to ensure you are able to move Correctly and Safely first before adding Weight to the equation.

Quite simply, without performing this assessment you are putting your safety and body at huge risk. This screen highlights Movement Dysfunctions and allows us to focus on resolving those issues Before you get INJURED.

Mobility Training restores and increases the Range of Motion that your Joints are able to move through. There are Minimum degrees of movement that healthy joints are able to move through. We place a large focus on correcting lack of Mobility for our clients. Lack of Mobility in joints leads to COMPENSATION and excess Movement in other joints, leading to inevitable Pain and Injury. Mobility Training is Required to reduce the risk of injury when training and it a common corner cut by most cheaper gym memberships.

We will assess you in your first week of training and give you a report based on our findings. From there we will prescribe a series of exercises tailored to resolving any issues we have found with your body’s ranges of motion.

Part of our ethos at PTF is you must be able to perform a movement perfectly before you can attempt that movement with an additional load. Our program challenges our members balance and exposes weaknesses so we can avoid injuries in the future. This becomes CRITICAL as we move past our late 20’s and even more important if we work in a sedentary job. With poor balance, a rolled ankle becomes a broken ankle. With poor mobility and stability, knee pain, back pain and shoulder pain are inevitable.

Don’t worry you won’t be sparring or getting in a Ring. Boxing and kickboxing are used to add some fun variety to our program while providing the benefits of aerobic and anaerobic fitness. This form of training is used in 2 Week blocks to improve the coordination, balance and aerobic fitness of our members. These modalities also allow for a safe form of power training for individuals whose bodies are prepared but want to avoid the risk of explosive weight training.

Pro Train places a large focus on bodyweight and free weight training. However, in many circumstance, particularly with office working professionals, a machine offers a safer, more effective workout. For these situations, PTF has invested heavily in state of the art equipment that you won’t have access to with cheaper gym memberships. Your body and its safety are priceless to us, for this reason Our Members must have access to the very Best equipment and Instruction.

At PTF it is part of our Mission Statement to Change the current Status Quo of the Fitness Industry. We are totally committed to improving the bodies, health and lives of our members through dedicated education and instruction. To achieve this, we want our members to be able to draw on their knowledge when they travel interstate, overseas or even if they have to leave us permanently. We want them to understand their bodies, their weaknesses and strengths and keep moving forward in the safest most efficient way possible.

PTF believes all exercise modalities have their strengths and weaknesses. Our program is specifically designed for office workers over the age of 30 who need to achieve 2 goals.

  1. Improve the way their body moves and reduce pains via increasing mobility 
  2. Make large improvements in their physical appearance and body composition.

Our program does use elements of Yoga and Pilates. These modalities are exceptional when used to improve the way the body moves in terms of flexibility and motor control. However, these modalities are not designed to change an individual’s shape and as such are not a major focus in our program.

The benefits of REBOUNDING are well documented for increasing energy levels, endorphins and lymphatic drainage (reducing inflammation). At PTF we use the Bellicon Rebounders as a fun, Low Impact alternative to running and jumping dynamically.  Again, Injury avoidance is paramount at Pro Train Fitness so we have heavily invested in this form of equipment so our members can get the benefits of explosive training without the damage to the joints and spine.

Bellicon Rebounders are by far the best on the market and their quality is unmatched. As a result, this equipment is very expensive and would not be financially viable for larger gyms and most studios.

PTF has a mobility station that includes every tool imaginable to relive trigger points, release knotted up muscle tissue and improve Range of Motion. It includes Theracanes, Back Buddies, Massage Sticks, Fascia Rollers, Triggerpoint Balls, Large Peanut Rollers, Small Peanut Rollers, Therabands, Mini Therabands, Yoga Blocks and Dowel Pins just to name a few!

This is an area that most studios and gyms neglect as there is a substantial cost in ensuring there are enough tools to cater to each member. Additionally, this fundamental work requires extensive experience in order to use the tools effectively. At PTF we use the tools every day and teach our members how to use them correctly. This saves members $1000’s of dollars a year and a hell of a lot of pain!

Stall Bars are an amazing piece of equipment used in all Gymnastic programs around the world. They are incredibly versatile and allow athletes to stretch and strengthen their bodies in a multitude of ways. We will teach you how to use these and get the most out of them during your training at PTF.

PTF is focused on making a real Positive and Life Long difference to the lives of its members. We don’t promote short cuts, quick fixes or utilise unsafe practice. Fantastic permanent results come from consistent changes and it takes time to build that foundation safely. Your body is the ONLY vehicle you get to drive in life, if you crash it, you are stuck with it. Invest heavily into your body and you will enjoy the future ride every day!

This is a therapeutic massage chair that we imported from Japan. Inada is the world’s best producer of these tools. As a Post session reward and recovery technique we offer this service to Private clients. We have seen reduced muscle soreness and increases in muscle suppleness personally and with our clients. This is another massive investment and a real treat that we offer as part of our exceptional Service.

Start training with Pro Train Fitness today!

Don’t let that overwhelming feeling get the better of you when it comes to the thought of exercise. All our members were just like you and with our support they changed their outlook on fitness and changed their body and mind for the better.