It is amazing how rarely we look at how we are feeling and reflect about why we are feeling that way. The fantastic truth is the choices you make every day, dictate how you feel… The power is totally in your hands which is excellent news!

If we feel tired on a consistent basis – yes we may be sick… But maybe we should look at the way we are living.

It is a cliche but likening it to a machine or car is a really good way  to look at your body. Exercising is like tuning up or upgrading your car. You can’t expect to live a life at 200km per hour if you are driving a family waggon. However by exercising, you can upgrade over time to a Ferrari and start living at high speeds without ‘breaking down’ and getting sick.

Exercising makes your body (machine) more efficient at living. If you exercise you have more energy to use, however you choose. When you get a Ferrari, can you really see yourself just driving to the local shops and back at 40kph. Of course not, you are going to push the limits and really start to enjoy driving! Start exercising, get your Ferrari and fall in love with living at a fast pace!

Eating – So, So Important! How fast will your Ferrari drive if you are putting muddy water in the fuel tank? It’s a no-brainer. This is the truth guys! You can’t expect to live a demanding life, feel energetic and be able to flourish under stressful conditions if you are not putting the right food in your body! Your body does not work that way -the same way a Ferrari can’t drive with muddy water in a fuel tank! Start watching your calorie intake, if you don’t know how much you should be eating stick to the recommended calorie intake or even better get yourself a DEXA scan. Google it and find out where your closest scanner is. This will tell you your body fat % muscle content, bone density, water retention etc. It will also tell you what your calorie intake should be to lose weight. This provides the most accurate platform for you to measure your results.

Sleep –  is crucial especially for building muscle and for regulating mood and staying positive. If you have a job that requires creativity it is also essential. This is one of the forgotten pillars of getting results. Your body needs sleep to rebuild, to grow. In my experience, we generally have far too little or way too much sleep. Aim for 6-8 hours, the healthier you are the less sleep you require allowing you to get still more life and enjoyment out of every day!

Understanding – Continuing with our machine metaphor we must understand how the whole thing works. I’m not saying you have to know how to build it from the ground up but a basic understanding of the principles is essential! The number of clients that I speak to that doesn’t know what vegetables are made of amazes me… Do you know? Educate yourself, if you don’t understand ask your trainer for a 10min run down. It is impossible to make healthy decisions if you don’t know the principles.

Get the most out of your body and live life in the fast lane – it’s a whole lot more fun!