This is a question that has interested me for a very long time. The beneficial effects of exercise on your mood, physical appearance and on your health are well documented and known by everyone. Yet despite this, a large number in society still avoid exercise like it was one of the many diseases it is known to prevent.

In trying to find the answer I thought I would interview several of my clients ranging from the most dedicated to the newest members and see what helped them turn the corner.

I must stress that although I do train a few athletes, the only views and opinions I obtained were from non-athlete populations who do not play a competitive sport in any way.

Here is what they said…

– The first four weeks was tough but then it became addictive. It makes me feel happier. When I finish a session I feel like I have already succeeded in my day.

– I spend over $280 a week on trainers and gym memberships a week. I see it as an investment in me. I am worth that investment. I feel happier in myself because of the training.

– I know that I don’t have the discipline to push myself at a gym on my own. So I committed to getting a trainer that way I know for sure that I will turn up because I don’t want to waste my money. Now I love training. I can’t imagine not doing it each week.

– Training makes me healthy and my health is really important to me. It’s one of the few things you can’t buy and you can’t get back. Without it, life is useless. I really love training now; it energises me and makes it easier for me to handle the stresses of daily life. I also want to look my best and that’s not possible without training!

So what’s the point? The point is – ignore the marketing jargon and health warnings. Listen to what people just like you say about exercise. Maybe now is the time for you to get involved?

Keep pushing the limits and be proud of yourself!!