Enriching your life by becoming a better version of yourself is what training is all about. It is not about beating the standards other people set. It comes down to beating your own personal best and raising the standards you set for yourself.

The longer you do this, the more you establish this pattern – the easier it gets!

Every week I am blessed to be inspired by my clients and their determined efforts. Their efforts are not with the aim of breaking world records but their own records… And they do, week in week out.

As you begin training for the first time your motivation levels are at an all-time high and you fly into your new exercise regime with gusto. More often than not the excitement and motivation are quickly replaced with initial muscle soreness and you are wanting to leave the exercise once again till next year’s resolution.

The key to results in anything… Especially with your body is one word. Consistency.

If you are carrying a lot of excess weight and want to shed the fat – it can be a simple process. A combination of cutting back on food and adding exercise can have you losing half a kilo of fat per week without too much strain on your body, mind or discipline.

Half a kilo a week… Is that all!!!

Remember, the key is consistency. Keep this maintainable program up and at the end of the year you are 25 kilos lighter! Think about that for a moment. Think of someone you know that is overweight and now take 25 kilos of fat off their body. That is a completely different looking person isn’t it!

It can be that simple to dramatically change your life in just one year. In addition, the ripple effect will change your life forever! Remember after 12 months, maintaining that standard will be too easy. By that stage you will be stronger, healthier more energetic and proud of yourself. You will want to push your limits and raise your standards even higher, it’s only natural :-)

There is one thing that I can guarantee you. Whether you like it or not, the next year of your life is going to pass you by. Right now you can decide to look back in 12 months and be so proud of yourself, your results – and be happier as a person. You can choose to be filled with energy, enthusiasm and belief. You have the power to make that choice right now, make that commitment and be a better you!

Push the Limits and be proud of yourself!