The reason you can’t burn fat is the same reason you can’t put on muscle. It’s the same reason you have had gym memberships and or trainers in the past and not reached and maintained the goals you set.
It’s the excuses you make up to justify why you can’t commit and or stay committed.
Having heard so many of these as a trainer it’s hard not to see a trend. The most common are below. Any sound familiar?
“I can’t afford it”
“I don’t have the time”
“I don’t enjoy it”
“I don’t like gyms”
“I’m injured”
“I’m too unfit to start training straight away”

I can’t afford it – This is a cracking excuse that is put forward generally by people that can’t afford NOT to start training. Logically, in most cases if you took the money you spent on alcohol, cigarettes and coffee a week you would be very surprised with the amount of money you have for a trainer. The REAL reason you don’t is because you value drinking alcohol, smoking and coffee more than becoming stronger, healthier and more energetic. That is a decision that is completely and rightly up to you, the individual. But make it, admit that those activities are what you value and be happy with your decision… You made it. You have the power to do that!

I don’t have the time – This is a very popular excuse.

I understand how busy life is. I have trained people that work 18 hours a day across two jobs and have a family and they still see me three mornings a week for an hour and then run on their “off” days.

We all have the same 24 hours in a day. Time is one of the only things where we are all blessed equally. It comes down to a matter of choice. If you really value your health, your energy levels or the way you look, then you can find the time to train.

If you don’t have the time… MAKE THE TIME! It is within your control how you choose to spend your time. It’s just down again to what you value. Make your decision, be happy with that decision and leave the excuse behind you. There is no such thing.

I don’t enjoy it – Now we are talking. That is an honest response to training. Fair enough too! There are two answers to this powerful excuse.

A) Find another form of exercise. If you hate running try boxing. If you hate boxing try swimming, try weight training, try a group Bootcamp session. If you find you don’t like any form of exercise out there it may be time to take a look internally to see what the real reasons are for possessing such negative associations to exercise.

B) If you like the exercises but don’t like the burn, don’t like the pain – this everyone can understand. Training can certainly hurt! It can be tough – most things are tough if they lead to something brilliant. Graduating high school can be very tough but most people do it. Earning a university degree can be painful, but you may have completed one of these too. How about child birth, raising a child, paying off a mortgage or bank loan?

If you can’t handle pain or sacrifice in the short term, do you really think you deserve an amazing result in the future?

I don’t like gyms – Another brilliant excuse, again I can understand it though. I have trained at many, many gyms for different sports and several of them have had a culture that was intimidating and uncomfortable.

Answer – change gym or train outside.

When confronted by a problem as simple as that, the answer is also that simple. Unless of course you are looking for an excuse, in which case that solution will be impossible to find or adhere to.

I’m injured – At last something reasonable. If you are genuinely injured then most people will be sympathetic. Whilst injuries need to be handled with care, it does not mean you should necessarily stop training.

If you have injured an ankle, work on your upper body, abdominals etc. the same applies if you have injured an arm.

The answer is; find a solution. I know those looking for excuses will be quick to say well “that may be an athlete’s mentality but if you are injured you should rest.”

I agree – but rest what is injured and use what is healthy. I currently have two amazing female clients that are both injured and still training.

One works at a large accounting firm that demands a very high workload and very long hours. When not training with me she rides her bike to work and unfortunately during one of her rides came off and broke her arm. Most people would relish the opportunity to play the injury card and not come back to training. However this particular woman values her health, her mental state and her energy levels. She believes her life is better as a result of her training. Two days after getting her cast on she was back at the gym riding on the exercise bike and doing countless numbers of squats and crunches.

The second client has a broken wrist and manages a very busy Restaurant/bar and also works long late hours. Often she finishes work at 4:00am if not later! She explained to me that she would not be able to train later the following day as that is when she is resting. This client does not search for the normal excuses so she comes to our 6:00am Bootcamp 3 days a week then has a shower and goes to bed exhausted.  When she broke her wrist she was unable to continue kickboxing at 100% so instead she comes to her sessions and burns 100s of calories practicing her kicking techniques and strengthening her legs.

These women are not professional athletes. They just do not allow themselves to make excuses when things get tough.

Finally, let’s get to the most creative excuse I think I have heard.

I’m not fit enough to train with a trainer yet, when I am fitter I’ll look into it – If that was ever going to work, you would have already done it.

I don’t think there is much else to say. If you need help getting in shape, being disciplined and staying motivated, get the help! Get a trainer, join an exercise group or a Bootcamp or a running team and commit yourself. Make the commitment, force yourself to go with a friend and watch the dramatic results that follow.

If you are still not convinced and don’t want to exercise at least stop using the same old excuses. You know the excuses are the real reason why you can’t burn fat, feel energised and look amazing.

The honesty may be just what you need to develop your motivation.

Happy Training and keep pushing the limits!