F1 Nutrition Amaize 100% Waxy Maize – 2kg Tub


  • 100% Waxy Maize carbohydrate, No Sugar, sweeteners or fillers
  • Proven to supply energy and carb load muscle better than other carbohydrates
  • Mixes easily with no bloating and doesn’t thicken making easy to drink when added to Protein, BCAA intra or pre workout drinks
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  • F1 Nutrition 100% waxy Maize, no fillers
  • No Sugar
  • Low GI
  • 100% carbohydrate
  • No insulin spike
  • Proven to carb load muscle at higher rate than other carbohydrates
  • Increases absorption of amino acids into muscle when added to BCAA or proteins
  • Supplies energy quickly with no digestive stress
  • Mixes easily and stays runny like water being easier to drink
  • No bloating or feeling of over fullness
  • Making it great to add to pre workouts intra workouts as well as proteins
  • Natural unprocessed unflavoured
  • No artificial colours flavours or preservatives
  • Australian owned and made