F1 Nutrition 100% Pure Colostrum – 800g


  • 100% natural with no flavours, colours, sweeteners or fillers
  • Clinically listed as the only Natural anabolic supplement in existence
  • Studies show increases Growth Hormone [GH] and Insulin Growth Factor 1 [IGF-1]
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F1 Nutrition Colostrum is 100% natural, when a cow gives birth it produces colostrum instead of milk for the first 72 hours, its calf can double or triple its body weight in this time. Studies show that colostrum can increase your natural Growth Hormone and IGF-1 levels which have been shown to increase recovery, muscle growth, immunity and improve sleep and skin quality. Colostrum can also balance digestion and increase the absorption of other proteins especially those sourced from dairy like F1 Nutrition Everyday Whey or F1 Nutrition Training Day Hydro Whey